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The Cove Restaurant

The Cove at Riverside may be tucked away but it is drawing rave reviews from campers and patrons from next door and as far away as Atlanta, Chattanooga and Birmingham.

You have to try the Country Fried Steak, Hamburger Steak and Country Fried Catfish. Homemade mashed potatoes, creamed corn and green beans are absolutely delicious. Homemade desserts and daily specials are beyond wonderful. You will come back again and again!!!

The Cove At Riverside Campground - Restaurant on Weiss Lake

Karaoke on Wednesday & Thursday nights starting at 5pm!

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Our Menu

  • Breakfast

  • Starters - Wings - Beverages


    Fried Cheese Sticks: (6)  $4.99

    Fried Pickles: $5.99

    Fried Green Tomatoes: (6) $7.99

    Fried Mushrooms: $5.99

    Onion Rings:  $3.99

    Corn Nuggets:  (15) $3.99

    Spinach Queso with Chips:  $7.99

    Jalepeno Poppers:  (6) $4.99

    Fried Zucchini:  (12) $4.99

    To Go Drinks

    No refills on to-go drinks

    20oz $1.79 | 32oz $2.49 | Coffee $1.50

    Breaded Wings

    Served with celery, Ranch or Bleu Cheese

    Buffalo Franks Red Hot

    Ancho Chipolte

    Sweet BBQ


    Kickin' Bourbon

    Half-Dozen (6) $6.99

    Dozen (12) $12.99


    Coke, Diet Coke, Mello Yello, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Sweet or Unsweetened Tea $1.99

    Coffee $1.50

    2% Milk: small $1.25 | large $2.50
    Chocolate Milk: small $1.35 | large $2.70

  • Lunch & Dinner

    The Sandwich Station

    *served with one side

    The Club: toasted triple decker with ham, turkey, bacon, swiss, american, lettuce, tomato and mayo $7.99

    Buffalo Chicken: grilled chicken, onion, cheese and buffalo sauce $7.99

    The Philly: steak or chicken with cheese, peppers, onion and mushrooms $7.99

    Teriyaki Chicken: grilled chicken, onion, cheese and teriyaki sauce $7.99

    Catfish Fillet:  lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce$8.99

    BBQ Pork: pulled pork, BBQ sauce and slaw$5.99

    Fried Bologna: lettuce, tomato and mustard $5.99

    BLT: lettuce, tomato and mayo $5.99

    Ham & Cheese: lettuce, tomato and mayo $6.59

    Turkey & Swiss: lettuce, tomato and mayo $6.99


    Homemade Selections

    *served on a croissant or Texas toast

    Homemade Chicken Salad w/Pecans & Grapes $8.99

    Homemade Pimento Cheese $6.99

    Homemade Tuna Salad $7.99

    Homemade Egg Salad $5.99

    The Burger Barn

    *served with one side. Can be dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, mayo & ketchup


    Add Cheese: 0.50 | Add Bacon: $1.50

    Double Cheeseburger: $8.99

    Chicken Fillet: $6.99

    Grilled Chicken:   $6.99

    Chuckwagon Steak:  $5.99


    The Dog House

    *served with one side

    Polly Dog: grandmas special sauce with mustard and onion $5.00

    Chili Dog:  with ketchup, mustard and onion$5.00

    Add Cheese $0.25 | Add Kraut $0.25 | Add Slaw $0.25

    All Out Dog: everything on it! $5.99

    Add Extra Hot Dog $2.00


    The Salad Shed

    House: lettuce, carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, tomato, mixed cheese, bacon & rice noodles $6.00

    Chef: deluxe salad with ham & turkey $9.99

    Grilled Chicken: deluxe salad with grilled chicken $9.99

    Homestyle Selections

    *daily specials available. Ask your server.

    Daily Side Selections: mashed potatoes, fried okra, sweet carrots, pinto beans, cole slaw, french fries, green beans, macaroni & cheese, creamed corn, turnip greens

    Extra Vegetable: $1.89

    Add a house salad to any entree for $4.00. Substitute house salad for one side for $3.00. Substitute salad for both sides for $2.25

    Hamburger Steak with Onions & Brown Gravy: served with mashed potatoes & creamed corn $8.99


    Catfish Dinner: served with fries, cole slaw and hushpuppies

    1 Fillet: $9.99 | 2 Fillet $11.99

    Chicken Tenders: served with fries and cole slaw

    3 Pieces $8.99 | 5 pieces $10.99


    Country Fried Steak: served with mashed potatoes and green beans

    1 Piece Dinner: $9.99 | 2 Piece Dinner $11.99

Camping - Motel - Restaurant - Lake Access & Fishing


1210 County Rd 131

Cedar Bluff, AL

A great place to get away!

Previously Riverside Campground

Summer Hours

Monday:               Closed

Tuesday:              Closed

Wednesday:  11am-8pm

Thursday:       11am-8pm

Friday:            11am-8pm

Saturday:         7am-8pm

Sunday:           7am-3pm

(Hours May Vary)

The Cove at Riverside Restaurant, Campground & Motel

1210 County Rd 131 | Cedar Bluff, AL

 Call 256·779·2683

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